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Starters Soup Salad Curry Rice Noodles Entrée

1. Sampler I - $12.95
Satay Chicken, Calamari Chardonnay, Summer Roll, Shumai Thai and Golden Triangle

2. Sampler II - $12.50
Stuffed Crab Rangoon, Siam Spring Roll, Golden Nest Shrimp, Egg Roll and Fried Wontons

3. Satay (Chicken or Tofu) - $7.50
Thai Shish-Kabob, marinated in herbs and coconut milk, served with our own delicious peanut sauce, complimented with a side of cucumber salad.

4. Summer Roll (Vegan Available) - $6.95
Fresh Thai salad rolls filled with steamed shrimp & seasoned chicken. Served with homemade hoisin sauce.

5. Hawaiian Bigeye Tuna Poketini - $9.95
Fresh Ahi tuna blend with sesame oil, hot and spicy seaweed, and a touch of sake.

6. Siam Spring Roll - $6.95
Fried spring roll served with our special sweet & tangy sauce.

7. Egg Roll (Vegan Available) - $5.95
This is not the average egg roll. We bring them in straight from Siam!!!

8. Mee Krob - $6.95
A tradition! Sweet-tangy crispy rice noodles with shrimp and chicken on fresh bean sprout.

9. Golden Nest Shrimp - $7.95
Prawns wrapped in crunchy noodle and deep fried. Served with sweet & tangy sauce.

10. Fried Wonton - $5.95
Who wants chips when there are fried wontons! Stuffed with pork and shrimp.

11. Thai Toast - $6.95
Deep fried Toast covered in egg spread with ground pork and shrimp.

12. Calamari Chardonnay - $7.50
Thinly sliced calamari marinated with garlicand wine sauce then deep fried.

13. Tod Mun Pla - $8.95
Thai style fish cake seasoned with red curry paste and fresh spices served with crunched peanuts and cucumber salad.

14. Shrimp Cakes - $8.95
Fresh shrimp blended with herbs & special spices, golden fried.

15. Lettuce Wraps - $7.50
Spiced chicken and prawns tossed in soy hoisin sauce. Served with cool lettuce bowl.

16. Stuffed Crab Rangoon - $7.50
Crispy wonton skin, stuffed with real crab meat, onion, scallions, dash of curry and cream cheese.

17. Golden Triangle - $5.95
Golden fried tofu.

18. Shumai Thai! - $6.95
Stuffed with swell seasoned ground pork.

19. Angel Wings - $7.50
Boneless chicken wings stuffed with a cluster of ground chicken and a medley of spices... then deep fried.